With this feature, you can add synonyms to certain search phrases. These synonyms have to be added by an editor, there are no predefined synonyms.

In a “Synonym” table you can add a search phrase and some similar words. If someone searches for “car” you can create a new synonym record to search also for “vehicle” (implemented as an OR combination). You can add more than one synonym for a given search phrase.

You have to activate this feature in extension configuration first.

In order to add synonyms, please

  • use the “list” module of TYPO3

  • go to your search storage page

  • add a new record of type “Synonym”.

You have to enter each synonym in one line (divided by a line break).

The synonym feature works “back and forth”, that means in the following two cases:

  • If the entered search phrase equals exactly the search phrase of your synonym record. In this case the synoyms are added to the search query.

  • If the entered search phrase was found <somewhere> in the col synonyms of synonym table. In this case if a synonym was found, ke_search_premium appends the search phrase also to search query.

Create a new synonym

Create a new synonym

Searchphrase and synonyms

Searchphrase and synonyms