The autocomplete features proposes search words as the user begins to type.

The phrases proposed in the autocomplete feature are taken from real search words other users used. Only phrases which gave results in past are proposed. The words are taken from the search word statistics table.

To activate this feature you have to mark the checkbox „use statistics“ on first tab of the ke_search plugin (activated by default). With each search the statistics table will grow and more and more results will appear in the autocomplete function.


This feature works if you insert the searchbox as a plugin on a TYPO3 page and also if you create a search box via TypoScript to display it on every page. But you may have naming conflicts if you have two search boxes on the result page so it is recommended to only have one search box per page.

For all versions greater than 3.0.0 ke_search_premium does not use jQuery anymore to implement the autocomplete feature but implements it in “vanilla javascript”.


You can enable/disable the autocomplete feature in the settings module in the extension configuration.


After enabling the checkbox for autocomplete and a “clear cache” the needed TypoScript files will be included automatically, there’s no need to add a template manually.

Adding your own autocomplete words

If you want to add your own words to the list of proposed words, please have a look at


There’s a hook to include your Code (search for “modifyAutocompleWordList”).

Configuration options

These are the configuration options for plugin.tx_kesearchpremium_pi1:







If autocomplete finds a mass of records it’s better to reduce the results in selectbox to a lower one. In normal cases 10 results should be enough, but if you want you can change this value here


Note on javascript and css files

After activating this feature in the extension manager, two static TypoScript files will be included automatically:


In the setup.typoscript file one CSS and several external javascript files are included which are needed for the autocomplete function. If the autocomplete feature does not work as expected, make sure those don’t conflict with your usage of CSS and javascript.